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meine 100 lieblingssongs 2004...

marr - a crack in the sky
pj harvey - a perfect day elise
radiohead - airbag
bj?rk - all is full of love (plaid rmx)
morrissey - alma matters
the cure - anniversary
radiohead - backdrifts
keane - bedshaped
rem - boy in the well
radiohead - bulletproof (i wish i was?)
espers - byss and abyss
radiohead - climbing up the walls
the divine comedy - come home billy bird
the cardigans - communication
the notwist - consequence
einst?rzende neubauten - dead friends (around the corner)
sophia - desert song no. 2
sonic youth - dripping dream
nick cave & the bad seeds - easy money
robin guthrie - elemental
manic street preachers - empty souls
interpol - evil
plaid - eyen
modest mouse - float on
naked lunch - god
the cure - going nowhere
lali puna - grin & bear
mogwai - hunted by a freak
johnny cash - hurt
muse - hysteria
cake - i will survive
nada surf - inside of love
thirteen senses - into the fire
morrissey - irish blood, english heart
the last days of april - it?s on everything
mogwai - killing all the flies
radiohead - knives out
the veils - lavinia
rem - leaving new york
radiohead - let down
radiohead - lift
radiohead - like spinning plates (live)
plaid w/ bj?rk - lilith
beck - lonesome tears
the delays - long time coming
the arab strap - love detective
eskobar - love strikes
peter gabriel - mercy street
u2 - miracle drug
radiohead - morning bell
radiohead - myxomatosis
interpol - not even jail
sophia - oh my love
kent - om du var h?r
my bloody valentine - only shallow
the music - open your mind
radiohead - optimistic
giardini di miro - pet life saver
radiohead - planet telex
kasabian - processed beats
radiohead - pyramid song
mogwai - ratts of the capital
the strokes - reptilia
beck - round the bend
snow patrol - run
dredg - same ol? road
radiohead - scatterbrain
einst?rzende neubauten - selbstportr?t (mit kater)
archive - sham
marr - shaved patrols
finn. - sight- and nightseeing information
muse - sing for absolution
radiohead - sit down, stand up
mew - snow brigade
keane - somewhere only we know
the czars - song to the siren
slut - staggered and torn
broken social scene - stars and sons
sonic youth - stones
radiohead - street spirit
the postal service - such great heights
slut - swingquest
franz ferdinand - take me out
nine inch nails - the great below
the veils - the leavers dance
pj harvey - the letter
the album leaf - the outer banks
bj?rk - the pleasure is all mine
sophia - the river song
sophia - the sea
barry adamson w/ nick cave - the sweetest embrace
radiohead - there there
woven hand - to make a ring
the veils - us in leaves
air - venus
bj?rk - v?kur?
damien rice - volcano (new version)
the music - welcome to the north
placebo w/ david bowie - without you i?m nothing
the cardigans - you?re the storm
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